My name is Alex. This is me and my fiance, Nichole and one of our 3 dogs, Atilla.




I started this blog because I thought it would be fun to share my real estate stories, reflect on some lessons I’ve learned, and hopefully help some other people to do the same. I find myself constantly ranting at people to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I’ve made and also to capitalize on the few lessons and principles I’ve learned. Since so few people around me will listen, I’ve found myself routed to the internet…where everyone cares what you have to say.




I’m from a small town in Rhode Island, served a few years in the Army and around 2010 I found myself with a sales job in North Carolina. While I was going to going to college I started learning about real estate, we picked our first foreclosure in 2014 and we moved in and fixed it up. I became obsessed with personal finance and real estate around that time and I have been on the warpath ever since. Finally, in very early 2017 we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.




I work at a bank doing financial analysis for SBA lending.

I’ve spent most of my life in the gym mostly doing powerlifting.




I’m also a hobbyist photographer.




Here’s a picture Nikki took of me with my camera. I love this shot (even though it’s a god awful cell phone shot and the white balance is cringeworthy)











It also affords me some nerdy opportunities to take professional grade dog photos in my garage

This is Charlotte, Jackson, and Atilla




I love to build relationships if you think I can help, have a suggestion, or just want to talk shit. Get in touch!